Boards & Commissions

  1. Agricultural Advisory Committee

    Meet the Agricultural Advisory Committee.

  2. Board of Supervisors

    Upper Frederick Township is a Second Class Township of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and operates under the Second Class Township Code. The Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors is charged with the responsibility of governing the Township and consists of 3 township residents elected at large to 6 year terms.

  3. Parks & Recreation Board

    The Upper Frederick Township Parks and Recreation Board serves as an advisory committee to the Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors on matters relating to parks and recreation planning and development.

  4. Planning Commission

    The Upper Frederick Township Planning Commission is a 5 member board that makes recommendations to the Township Board of Supervisors on items related to subdivision, land development, zoning ordinance changes, and other matters as directed by the Supervisors.

  5. Zoning Hearing Board

    Learn about the Zoning Hearing Board.