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Tuesday, June 21 2016

Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2016


ATTENDING:   Kevin Murray, Chairman; Ed Goltz, Vice-Chairman; Desra Keenan, Secretary;                                      Steve  Zimmerman; Jon Sell; Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour,               Administrative Assistant


IN ATTENDANCE:  Scout Daniel Makela and Mrs. Maribeth Makela, 1156 Pin Oak Drive; Scout                                    Ben Eckenrode and Mr. Lee Eckenrode, 540 Fagleysville Road



Meeting was brought to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM.





DCNR Grant for Dog Park

Ms. Tallon informed that the proposal was received from yms Architects and was approved by the Board of Supervisors.  Within the next several weeks Mr. Strodoski will revisit Speelhoffer Park and obtain more detailed information.  Conference call with DCNR will be scheduled hopefully by mid-July.  


Mr. Sell inquired if there was any response from the Goschenhoppens regarding the addition of a pedestrian gate.  Ms. Tallon informed that a letter was sent proposing this but has had no response.


PECO Green Region Open Space Grant

Ms. Tallon was informed by our PECO county representative that announcement of Grant award should be by the end of June.


On Your Park, Get Set, Go - Contest

Kevin announced that Upper Frederick has 72 pre-registered participants.  Participants can still register but only after obtaining a contest packet from the Township.  Township will receive contest packets after July 1, 2016.  Participants need to visit designated parks and drop their tickets in the drop boxes.  Selfies can be taken and uploaded to  Selfies are to be taken at Bob Wayland Memorial Park and “Bob Wayland Memorial Park” must be mentioned in the post. 


Contest requirements were again reviewed.  Banner and signs were provided.  Kevin requested the road crew to post banner at Wayland.


Movie Night – Movie to start around 8:30.  Equipment and movie have been rented and Steve will pick up on Friday, July 15th.    License for movie rights rental to be faxed.  Fire Marshall to be contacted to request lighting be provided after the movie for exiting Wayland Park.  Request for fire police will be placed on the July 14, 2016, Board of Supervisors meeting for approval if needed.  Refreshments were discussed.  Glow Sticks to be purchased.  Additional Port-a-Potty needed. 


Bike Hike – Gathering at 7:00; ride to start at 7:30.  Location to be determined.




Community Day – September 24, 2016

Hot dogs have been ordered.  Checking into Devault Foods for the purchase of hamburgers; will compare costs.

  • Confirmed:  Shredder; Face Painter; Sassafras the Clown; French Fry Vendor; Slap Shot; Funnel Cake, Water Ice, Popcorn Vendor; and Petting Zoo
  • Sponsorship letters have been sent; Monetary donations to date are $350 
  • Participant letters will be sent by end of June
  • “Games to You” has been booked – Price $599 (same as last year)
  • Brusters – Rock Climb, Bungee Jump and Blow Up Obstacle Course are booked
  • Furry Friends and Rockin Reptiles are confirmed
  • Bookmobile confirmed


Kevin will check on DJ, TNA Sound, to see if they would be interested on doing Community Day.  Bands from last year, Mud Puppy and Hot Beer, will be asked to again perform.  Ms. Tallon will contact Ron Hanish for contact information for “Hot Beer.”


Desra to check with Girl Scouts to see if they will again participate.





Eagle Scout Projects -

  • Dan Makela – Nature Placards in Wayland Park – Visited Wayland Park with carpenter to determine fix for current nature placards.  Foundations of current structures are good; display boxes will be redone with weatherized product that will last longer and nature information within the boxes will be redone with heat resistant material to eliminate fading.  Project to start by end of June and completed by August 16, 2016.   Paperwork was presented to the Board and signed by Kevin Murray. Scout Makela and Mrs. Makela thanked the Board and exited the meeting.


  • Ben Eckenrode – Replace end post and Install Split Rail Fencing along Township Property Line – Mr. Bortz is supplying the post driver and hole digger.  Materials will be purchased personally and required tools will be provided by individuals assisting.  Ms. Tallon informed that she will have the property line marked prior to the start of the project.  Mr. Murrary recommended doing a PA One Call to make sure no utilities are in the area.  Project start date is first week of August with completion by the end of August.  Paperwork was presented to the Board and signed by Kevin Murray.  Scout Eckenrode and Mr. Eckenrode thanked the Board and exited the meeting.


  • Alex Longacre – Not in attendance but submitted his project information to Kevin.  Project is to build a kiosk in Wayland Park at the Monarch Butterfly – milkweed area.  Estimated cost is $700.  Raising money through donations and his summer job.  Board discussed and felt that the kiosk would work better at the Dog Park.  Kevin will contact.


Kevin informed that he was approached by a 4th scout for possible project.  Building of benches was suggested.


TOP Soil – Wayland Park

A major construction development within the Township netted an excessive amount of top soil needing to be disbursed.  Township Ordinance prohibits removal of top soil from the Township.  Wayland Park was designated to receive some of the top soil.  Kevin inquired and expressed his concern as to the disbursement of the soil and seeding.  Ms. Tallon informed that the Township’s engineering firm, LTL Consultants, will be overseeing the grading and seeding of the soil. 


Kevin asked the Board’s thoughts on running a section of millings through the center portion of the current trail to assist with parking during events.  Following a short discussion, all agreed to the plan.


Flea Market and Craft Sale – June 4, 2016

Desra stated that she felt that the Flea Market and Craft Sale should be discontinued.  Due to the low sign-up for spaces and attendance over the past years, as well as, overall lack of township resident interest, she felt it is not worth the effort that goes into preparing and setting up.  Also, with St. Luke’s having their flea market two (2) days, Friday and Saturday, it deters people from attending our Saturday event.  Board was in agreement to discontinue the Flea Market and Craft Sale.





The next Parks Board meeting will be held on July 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM.  Desra will not be in attendance.

The July 14, 2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting will be attended by Steve. 




Kevin motioned and Ed seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 pm.   Motion was approved by all. 

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