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Board of Supervisors
Thursday, June 09 2016


The regular monthly meeting for June 2016 was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM.


Attending Were:  Scott Rakowski, Chairman; Ray Bortz, Vice-Chairman; William Tray, Supervisor; Kenn Picardi, Esquire, Township Solicitor; Norm Ulrich, LTL Consultants, Township Engineer; Rick Sacks, Environmental Engineer; Kevin Murray, Chairman, Parks & Recreation; Tom Davies, Miller Environmental; Troy Armstrong, Public Works; Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


IN ATTENDANCE:  William Karaffa, Constable; Todd Ferrence, Snyder Road;  Scout Ben                                  Eckenrode and Mr. Lee Echenrode, Fagleysville Road; Travis Boyer and                                              daughter, Big Road




Mr. Rakowski made a motion to approve the May 12, 2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.   


Public Comment

Mr. Rakowski called for any public comments or additions to the agenda. 


Boy Scout, Ben Eckenrode, introduced himself and informed the Board that he had approached Mr. Murray, Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board, for a possible Eagle Scout Project.  Scout Eckenrode stated that his project will be to install a split rail fence between the property line of Friendship Park field and Mr. James Erb.  Scout Eckenrode also requested speaking to Mr. Bortz regarding the cost of a posthole digger.   Mr. Bortz agreed to meet after the meeting.





The financial reports submitted include tax collector’s monthly report for June 2016, all funds budget and income report, statement of cash balances, and the customer balance report from the Water/Sewer plant at Perkiomen Crossing Development and the Sewer plant at Ivy Ridge Development.   Mr. Rakowski made a motion to accept the Tax Collector’s and Treasurer’s Reports as presented and file for audit.  Mr. Bortz seconded the motion and was approved by all.  The cash disbursements report for June was included in the Treasurer’s Report and is posted for public review. 




The list of bill to be paid is posted for public review.  Total payables: $71,967.45; monthly payroll and federal tax $3,637.18; benefits package $2,851.97; Grand total disbursements for the period are $78,456.60.  The list of bills to be paid is included at the end of the minutes.  Mr. Rakowski made a motion to approve payment of the bills and to advance to the Treasurer the funds needed to pay any bills or expenditures, to save penalties or accrue interest and payroll, prior to the next Board of Supervisors meeting on July 14, 2016.  Mr. Bortz seconded the motion and was approved by all. 






Plymouth Community Ambulance/Lower Frederick Division

Report received from Lower Frederick Division and is posted for public review.  There were twenty-one (21) calls in Upper Frederick Township; sixteen (16) were for Frederick Living.


Harleysville Area EMS/Community Ambulance

Report received from Harleysville/Community Ambulance and posted for review.  There were twelve (12) calls for Upper Frederick Township.


Fire Company Report

Mr. Tray reported that there were nine (9) calls in the recording period.  Report is posted for public review. 


Mr. Tray reminded that the Fire Company is sponsoring a “Gun Raffle” on June 25th and drawing will be heldat Straight Shooters LLC, 1463 N. Gravel Pike across from the Country Chef’s Kitchen.  There will be free hotdogs and birch beer.






Mr. Davies, Miller Environmental, reported that there were no effluent violations for the month of May 2016.  All reports have been submitted electronically to the DEP.  Report is posted for public review. 


Perkiomen Crossing Waste Water Treatment Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of May 2016.

May 3 – high EQ level due to rain.

The trial tests for the new enhanced solid settling chemical polymer provided no significant benefit from materials presently being used.


Perkiomen Crossing Water Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of May 2016. 


Ivy Ridge Waste Water Treatment Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of May 2016.

May 8 – High EQ level due to rain.




Troy Armstrong reported on the Public Works activity for the month of May 2016:  roadside mowing, weed wacked intersections, guide rail and cross pipe areas; mowing of Township parks; removal of trees by tree service on Yost Road; staking out swale work and base work on Salford Station Road; and, base work and patching on Township Roads.  Public Works Department attended Safety Day Training in Oaks. 


John Deere Brush Hog is being repaired and should be ready next week.





Mr. Rick Sacks, Environmental Engineer, stated that the monthly report was submitted, distributed and is posted for the public to review.  As informed under Water/Sewer Plant Report, the Kroff Chemical Company test to improve solids flocculation additives to enhance solids settling in the clarifiers proved to have no significant benefits over what materials are currently being used. 



Mr. Ulrich, LTL Consultants, was present.  LTL’s report has been updated, distributed and posted for the public to review. 


Benzak/Coleman monuments have been placed and verified; recorded plan should be filed shortly.  Lords & Ladies Salon has made some progress.  Mr. Ulrich brought to the attention of the Board a lighting plan change that was not approved; however, Mr. Ulrich explained the change, requested that Lords & Ladies retroactively make a plan change request that can be approved and obtain the Boards approval for described change.   Mr. Rakowski acknowledged Board approval and was approved by all.  Camp Laughing Waters is looking good and finishing up a few punch list items.  The Meadows at Frederick is moving along quickly.  They have done a good deal of paving and LTL is onsite daily. 



Ms. Tallon reported for Mr. John.  Nine (9) Building Permits; five (5) Use & Occupancy Permits; and, one (1) Special Event permit for the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival were issued.   Complete report is posted for the public review.



Zoning Hearing is scheduled for June 21, 2016 – property located on Gottshalk Road. 



Mr. Ulrich reported that the Planning Commission for May 26, 2016 was cancelled. 



Ms. Tallon informed that there was no Central Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission meeting in May 2016. 



Mr. Murray, Parks and Recreation Chairman, reported that the Flea Market and Craft Sale was held on June 4th.   Parks and Recreation is participating in a program called “On Your Park, Get Set, Go” sponsored by the Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation.  Mr. Murray explained the contest protocol.  The healthy event is scheduled for July 16th, with a bike hike and movie night. 


The Parks and Recreation Board have been approached for three (3) possible Eagle Scout Projects:  1.) Repairing and/or replacing the nature kiosks in Wayland Park; 2.)  Installing a split rail fence along the property line of Friendship Park; and, 3.) Installing an informational kiosk at the milkweed site located within Wayland Park.    


Mr. Murray wanted to thank the Fire Company and the Fire Police for their assistance at the Flea Market and Craft Sale event.







Old Business

Ivy Ridge I & I – Sump Pump Inspection

No updated information.  Mr. Sacks stated that Ordinance No. 2016-04 will give the Township some strength; but, he still believes educating the residents on the sump pump issue and the potential impact it has on them and the sewage plants is the best way and the most economical. 


Salford Station Road Project

Mr. Ulrich re-informed that the bid packages were opened, Board authorized two lowest bidders and lowest bid was fine, low bidder notification was sent, replay was received with appropriate paperwork, information was reviewed and approved, notice to proceed was sent and effective June 2, 2016, and pre-construction meeting was arranged.  Anticipated paving work is scheduled for the week of June 20th or 27th, 2016.  Salford Station Road Project is expected to be completed prior to the July 14, 2016, Board of Supervisors meeting.


Yost Road Project – Execute Easement Agreements

Mr. Ulrich reported that site visit was done and designated trees were marked for removal.  Contract was signed with Arrow Tree Service for tree cutting.  Following completion of Salford Station Road Project, Yost Road will be surveyed and swale work scheduled. 


Fisher Road Bridge Project

Ms. Tallon informed that she and Road Foreman meet with Mr. Tobias, Township Manager, Public Works Director and Road Foreman of New Hanover Township, provided them with information and photos of recent events of the Fisher Road Bridge.  It was a positive meeting.  Information given will be presented to the New Hanover Township Board of Supervisors at their June 27, 2016. 


Mr. Bortz raised questions regarding Fisher Road.  Discussion followed.  Mr. Travis, in attendance, made a suggestion for a possible Board consideration.  Mr. Picardi will follow up with some research and he or Mr. Allebach will present additional information to the Board before the next meeting.


PMRS Ordinance Rescind

No further update.  




Resolution No. 2016-10 – Approve Third Party Collection Agencies to Collect Delinquent EIT

Resolution was prepared by Mr. Allebach and presented by Mr. Picardi.  Mr. Rakowski made the motion to adopt Resolution No. 2016-10 – Approve Third Party Collection Agencies to Collect Delinquent Earned Income Taxes.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.


DCNR Grant Requirement

Ms. Talon informed that grant was received for the Speelhoffer Dog Park and there is a protocol list that must be followed in order to procure the funds.  Formal plan and engineering plan for the parking lot, with seal, must be provided.  Mr. Chuck Strodoski of YSM, who designed the dog park plan, was asked to prepare a proposal for items to be completed.  Construction site documents were prepared in the amount of $8,450.00.  Ms. Tallon is requesting Board approval for the proposal fee.  Mr. Rakowski made a motion authorizing the expenditure of not more than $9,000 for the engineering construction site document proposal required for the Speelhoffer Park Dog Park.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.





Roll of Honor – Cost for Additional Plaques

Ms. Tallon informed that following the Memorial Day rededication of the Roll of Honor six (6) additional names were brought forth.  Total for the six (6) plaques, with installation, is $1,200.38.  Mr. Rakowski authorized the installation of six (6) additional plaques on the Roll of Honor for a cost of $1,238.40.



Mr. Rakowski inquired if there were any further business to bring before the Board.  There was none. 





Bike Hike and Movie Night:  Saturday, July 16, 2016 – starting at 7:00 PM

Assisted Recycling:  Friday, June 24, 2016 – 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Bookmobile:  Fridays:  June 17 & July 1,, 2016 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Mr. Rakowski inquired if there was any further business to bring before the Board.  There was none.




Mr. Rakowski motioned and Mr. Bortz seconded the motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:43 PM.


No executive session

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