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Board of Supervisors
Thursday, July 14 2016

The regular monthly meeting for July 2016 was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM.


Attending Were:  Scott Rakowski, Chairman; Ray Bortz, Vice-Chairman; William Tray, Supervisor; David Allebach, Esquire, Township Solicitor; Norm Ulrich, LTL Consultants, Township Engineer; Rick Sacks, Environmental Engineer; Dennis Bolognese, Fire Marshall; Kevin Murray, Chairman, and Steve Zimmerman, Parks & Recreation; Tom Davies, Miller Environmental; Steve Heller, Public Works; Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


IN ATTENDANCE:  William Karaffa, Constable; Travis Boyer, Big Road; Barbara and Jared Landis,                                 Westview Drive




Mr. Rakowski made a motion to approve the June 9, 2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.   


Public Comment

Mr. Rakowski called for any public comments or additions to the agenda.  There were none.


Mr. Rakowski announced that the executive session was held at 6:30 pm, prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting.  In this session, the Board decided to adopt the employees PMRS Cash Balance Pension Plan to replace the current simple IRA plan as of the end of the 2016 calendar year.  Plan will have a municipality contribution rate of 5% for each eligible employee and each eligible employee may also contribute, on their own behalf, up to 20% of their compensation.  Employees contribution will be on an after tax basis.  It has an eight (8) year vesting.  Mr. Rakowski made motion to adopt the PMRS Cash Balance Pension Plan.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.


Mr. Boyer inquired if the pension plan is being re-insured or who is managing the assets with defined benefits.  Mr. Rakowski informed that the pension is under the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System.  Mr. Allebach also informed that it is not a defined benefit; it is a defined contribution.  Mr. Boyer wanted to be assured that we would have no additional liability once the assets go in.  Mr. Rakowski assured.




The financial reports submitted include tax collector’s monthly report for June 2016, all funds budget and income report, statement of cash balances, and the customer balance report from the Water/Sewer plant at Perkiomen Crossing Development and the Sewer plant at Ivy Ridge Development.   Mr. Rakowski made a motion to accept the Tax Collector’s and Treasurer’s Reports as presented and file for audit.  Mr. Bortz seconded the motion and was approved by all.  The cash disbursements report for July was included in the Treasurer’s Report and is posted for public review. 









The list of bill to be paid is posted for public review.  Total payables: $149,961.62; monthly payroll and federal tax $20,258.23; benefits package $4,321.30; Grand total disbursements for the period are $174,541.15.  Ms. Tallon made note that included in the disbursement list is the check for the Salford Station Road Project to Schlouch Inc., which is also a line item under the agenda for approval.  The list of bills to be paid is included at the end of the minutes.  Mr. Rakowski made a motion to approve payment of the bills and to advance to the Treasurer the funds needed to pay any bills or expenditures, to save penalties or accrue interest and payroll, prior to the next Board of Supervisors meeting on August 11, 2016.  Mr. Bortz seconded the motion and was approved by all. 



Plymouth Community Ambulance/Lower Frederick Division

Report received from Lower Frederick Division and is posted for public review.  There were thirteen (13) calls in Upper Frederick Township; five (5) were for Frederick Living.


Harleysville Area EMS/Community Ambulance

Report received from Harleysville/Community Ambulance and posted for review.  There were eleven (11) calls for Upper Frederick Township.


Fire Company Report

Mr. Bolognese reported that there were seventeen (17) calls in the recording period.  Report is posted for public review. 


Mr. Bolognese reported on a fire call made within the township and the difficulty and the time consumed by the fire fighters having the need to clear tree limbs and other debris from the driveway in order for the fire truck to reach the house.  Mr. Bolognese requested a letter go out to residents or an article put in the newsletter directing residents on keeping their driveways accessible. 


Mr. Bolognese informed the Board that the state is no longer funding fire fighter training at the Montgomery County Fire Academy.  The basic Fire Fighting #1 course is costing the Fire Company $880 for each attendee which is at least four times the original cost.   It is becoming difficult to have new individuals trained.






Mr. Davies, Miller Environmental, reported that there were no violations for the month of June 2016 at either wastewater facility or water treatment facility.  All reports have been submitted electronically to the DEP.  Report is posted for public review. 


Perkiomen Crossing Waste Water Treatment Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of June 2016.


Perkiomen Crossing Water Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of June 2016. 

CCR completed June 27, 2016.



Ivy Ridge Waste Water Treatment Plant

Routine operation and maintenance activities were performed during the month of June 2016.

Question was raised on the high wastewater flow rate on June 24, 2016.  Mr. Sacks stated that the water usage may have been high and since we do not receive a water usage report to compare we are only speculating.



Mr. Heller reported on the Public Works activity for the month of June 2016.  Continue with roadside mowing, weed wacked intersections, guide rail and cross pipe areas; mowing of Township parks; removal of stumps and wood from Yost Road project and prepped area to get ready for layout; swale project on Salford Station Road completed; took down reserve salt bin and moved to new location; letter and line painting on Clover and Buck Roads; and, Steve Heller and Charles Suita attended Dirt and Gravel Roads class. 




Mr. Rick Sacks, Environmental Engineer, stated that the monthly report was submitted, distributed and is posted for the public to review.  Quotes have been obtained for installation of stairs on the water tank at Perkiomen Crossing and quotes for steps to the Ivy Ridge plant outfall to facilitate easier inspection by the operators.  Reviewing plans and specifications and conducting site inspections related to the sewer and water systems associated with the new development, The Meadows, at Frederick Living.  Reviewed the Robison Property needs associated with the new onsite wastewater treatment system regarding Act 537.



Mr. Ulrich, LTL Consultants, was present.  LTL’s report has been updated, distributed and posted for the public to review. 


Benzak/Coleman plans are at the Township for signatures and ready for recording; Meadows at Frederick are tapering down and will be building units as sold; met with contractor regarding the top soil issue.  Camp Laughing Waters is near completion with a few punch list items remaining. 



Ms. Tallon reported for Mr. John.  Nine (9) Building Permits; six (6) Use & Occupancy Permits; and, no Special Event permits were issued.  Complete report is posted for the public review.



Zoning Hearing is scheduled for July 19, 2016 – property located on Gottshalk Road (continued from June 21, 2016) and Perkiomenville Mennonite Church. 



Mr. Ulrich reported that the Planning Commission Meeting was held on June 29, 2016.  Mr. Giagnacova attended to discuss possible uses for his 22 acre property located at 3405 Big Road.  Mr. Giagnacova presented a proposal for public storage units.  Property is located in the Commercial Zoning District and public storage units are not a permitted use.  Possibilities discussed were amending the Zoning Ordinance to permit such uses; going through Conditional Use process; or, applying to the Zoning Hearing Board for a use variance.  Ms. Tackett, Township Planner, will take a look at the bigger picture and look into possible other commercial uses along the Route 73 corridor that can cross over between industrial and commercial zoning.  Mr. Picardi will look into legal interpretation.  Mr. Giagnacova will be kept informed.


Proposed Dog Park was discussed.  Township is requesting a waiver from the Land Development requirement to allow the project to move forward.  There is also an issue with the parking setback and a variance would be needed.  Mr. Picardi stated that the Land Development waiver can be granted under the land Development Ordinance; Zoning issue can be done legally by posting a public notice on the Township website. 


Planning Commission recommended granting the waiver from the Land Development requirement and granting the waiver from the Stormwater Ordinance requirement to the extent of the township’s requirements only.


Mr. Rakowski made the motion granting the waiver of the Land Development requirements for the Speelhoffer Dog Park.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.


Mr. Rakowski made motion to amend the Zoning Ordinance allowing the Township to be exempt from the Ordinance requirements.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray and approved by all.  Mr. Rakowski authorized Mr. Allebach to move forward with the Zoning Ordinance Amendment.



Ms. Tallon informed that there was no Central Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission meeting in June 2016. 



Mr. Zimmerman informed of the Bike Hike and Movie Night at Bob Wayland Park on July 16, 2016.  Mr. Zimmerman pushed for selfies to be taken and sent in for the “On Your Park, Get Set, Go” contest.  Also, Mr. Zimmerman explained the contest procedures.  Contest ends July 31, 2016.  Eagle Scout project for split rail fencing along the Township’s property line is scheduled for July 18, 2016.  There are three (3) additional Eagle Scout projects that are awaiting approval.  Park Board is working on Community Day which is scheduled for September 24, 2016. 




Old Business

Ivy Ridge I & I – Sump Pump Inspection

No update.  Mr. Sacks stated that he still believes educating the residents on the sump pump issue that:  1) there is an Ordinance; 2) they can be fined; and, 3) it is bad for your sewer bill.  Ms. Tallon suggested putting together a firmer letter to the residents.


Salford Station Road Project – Payment Release Request

Mr. Ulrich stated that the Salford Station Road Project was completed the end of June 2016.  Mr. Ulrich noted that the bid total for the contract was $28,488.40 and the final payment request from Schlouch, Inc. was in the amount of $27,145.88.  The difference in cost can be attributed to a reduction in the amount of scratch course material needed to obtain a smooth driving surface.  LTL recommends a payment in the amount of $27,145.88. 


Mr. Rakowski made motion to approve the payment as presented for $27,145.88.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.


Yost Road Project

Mr. Ulrich reported that designated trees were marked, cut down and stumps removed.  PA One Call showed electric line a slight difficulty to work around.  Mr. Urlich informed that he would be doing staking out work on July 15, 2016 for the Public Works Department earth work.



Fisher Road Bridge Project

Ms. Tallon informed that the June 27, 2016 meeting with New Hanover Township officials was productive; however, officiating Township Manager, Mr. Tobias, is no longer with New Hanover and subject matter was never presented to their Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Heller, in keeping open communication with New Hanover Township’s Road Foreman, was advised that the Fisher Road Bridge Project would be brought before their Board at their July 11, 2016 meeting.  No information has been received.  Mr. Allebach informed the Mr. Greg Prowant is acting as interim Township Manager.  Ms. Tallon stated that she would contact Mr. Prowant and discuss the project.  


Sweisford Road Project

Ms. Tallon stated that the Sweisford Road Project was originally budgeted along with Salford Station Road.  The project was put on the agenda to discuss doing Sweisford Road this year.  Salford Station Road used $63,000 of liquid fuel funds (including the asphalt purchased) leaving approximately $17,000 budgeted for road repair.  Sweisford Road is about one half mile distance. Mr. Rakowski inquired if that would be sufficient funds and would the Roads Department be able to work Sweisford Road into their schedule.  Mr. Bortz inquired as to the work required.  Board authorized Mr. Heller to research costs.


PMRS Rescind Ordinance

Discussed in executive session


Proposed Dog Park

Discussed under Planning Commission


Lords & Ladies Salon

Mr. Allebach stated that Lords & Ladies have deviated from the approved plans regarding the proposed parking spaces.  Approved plan called for 36 parking spaces; they have put in 50 parking spaces.  Mr. Ulrich noted that Lords & Ladies have not yet submitted As Build Plans and any deviations would result in their escrow not being released.  Mr. Ulrich presented a brief overview of the communication with Lords & Ladies concerning the punch list items to be completed and unauthorized changes.  Mr. Allebach informed that the construction of the project is clearly in violation of the plans.  Under the terms of the Subdivision rules, the Township can file a civil complaint against Lords & Ladies of a fine not to exceed $500 per day if they do not bring the plan into compliance.  Board authorized Mr. Allebach to initiate a first letter advising of the Township’s position and giving fifteen (15) days to comply before legal action is taken. 


Berks EIT

The Berks EIT Executive Committee bylaws were adopted to appoint a representative from each school district included in the Berks EIT Bureau and one representative from each School District municipality.  When these bylaws were adopted, David Szablowski was appointed as the representative from the School District and was also appointed to represent the 10 municipalities that comprise Boyertown Area School District.  Chris Bashore, former Washington Township Manager, was the alternate for the Municipalities.  A new alternate needs to be appointed.  Rich Sichler, new manager at Washington Township, has been recommended to serve as the alternate.  Mr. Sichler was on the original Act 32 EIT committee representing West Reading Borough.  Mr. Rakowski made a motion approving the appointment of Rich Sichler as the alternate representative for the municipalities in the Berks EIT Bureau.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray and approved by all.









Reappoints – Road Crew

Mr. Rakowski made motion to reappoint Mr. Steve Heller as Road Forman; Troy Armstrong as mechanic and laborer; Christopher Jones as skilled laborer; and to promote Charles Suita to Road Crew Leader.   Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray and unanimously approved by all.


Camp Laughing Waters – Escrow Release No. 1

Mr. Ulrich stated that Camp Laughing Waters requested the release of the full escrow amount of $113,968.20.  Based on onsite observations, LTL recommends a release of escrow funds in the amount of $90,257.50.  There are some items that still need to be completed. 


Mr. Rakowski made the motion to grant the release of $90,257.50 from the total escrow as recommended by LTL Consultants.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Bortz and approved by all.



Mr. Rakowski inquired if there was any further business to bring before the Board. 


Ms. Tallon inquired if the Board reviewed the information from the County regarding the Black Fly suppression program.  Board decision was not to contribute.





Bike Hike and Movie Night:  Saturday, July 16, 2016 – starting at 7:00 PM at Bob Wayland Park

Assisted Recycling:  Friday, July 29, 2016 – 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Bookmobile:  Fridays:  July 22 & August 5, 2016 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM





Mr. Rakowski motioned and Mr. Tray seconded the motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 8:06 PM.


Executive Session held at 6:30 PM.

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