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Planning Commission
Thursday, April 28 2016

The April 2016 meeting of the Upper Frederick Township Planning Commission was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM. 


Attending Were:  Richard Buckman, Chairman; William O’Donnell, Vice-Chairman; Randall Wampole,                        Member; Joseph Buick; Robert Keenan; David Allebach, Solicitor; Norm Ulrich,                    Township Engineer; Tracy Tackett, Township Planner; Jackie Tallon, Township                        Manager; and Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


IN ATTENDANCE:  Thomas Smith, Bercek and Smith Engineering; Leslie Benzak



Approval of Minutes:

Mr. Wampole made the motion to accept the February 25, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes.  Mr. O’Donnell seconded the motion and was approved by all.





Benzak/Coleman – Lot Line Change - Expires 08/01/2016

Mr. Thomas Smith, Bercek and Smith Engineering, referred to Tackett Planning Services second review letter dated April 26, 2016 and LTL’s second review letter dated April 22, 2016 and stated that all agency approvals have been received, recommendations and corrections to the plan completed and deed description has been corrected.  


Waiver requests were reviewed:


            SALDO Section 240-7.A.(2) – This sections required contour lines at specific intervals.  Partial waiver is being requested to provide contours for Lot 1 only.


            SALDO Section 240-7.B(7) – This section required net lot area to be shown.  Net lot areas   was determined is shown for Lot 1, but not for Lot 2.  Waiver is being requested.


            SALDO Section 240-7.C.(1) – This section requires various existing features within 100 feet of       the property to be shown on the plan.  Only information that is shown is the adjacent property        owner information.  Waiver is being requested.


            SALDO Section 240-35.A & 240-35.C – This sections requires stone or concrete monuments      along street right-of-way lines and all lot corners to be pinned.  A partial waiver is being            requested for the placement of four (4) monuments and the rest lot pins.  A signed/sealed letter from the surveyor would act as notification that the monumentation and pinning has been         completed.


            SALDO Section 240-37.F(1) shade trees & Section 240-37.F(6) vegetation – Waiver is being   requested from both of these sections. 


Mr. Buckman inquired if there were any additional comments or questions.  There were none. 




Mr. O’Donnell made motion that the Planning Commission recommends approval of the Minor Subdivision Plan and the granting of the waivers as requested.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Wampole and approved by all.    


Mr. Smith requested placement of the Benzak/Coleman Minor Subdivision on the May 12, 2016, Board of Supervisors Meeting.


Mr. Smith thanked the Commission.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Benzak exited the meeting.


Stahl – Lot Line AdjustmentExpires 06/11/2016 – No new activity. 

Mr. Buckman made motion to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that the Stahl Lot Line Adjustment be denied if the Granting of a Time Extension is not received prior to the May 12, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting.  Motion was seconded by Mr.  O’Donnell and approved by all.


Scioto VillageExpires 8/12/2016

Brief history of Scioto Village Subdivision was discussed.  Recommendation was to again approach Mr. MacMullen of Trim Development and request a time extension of one year rather than the   regular 90 day extension. 



Other Business:


Agricultural Security Area Application – Kenney

Public Hearing is scheduled for May 12, 2016 at the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting.  Report has been received from the Agricultural Advisory Board and they find no issue with the application.  


Mr. O’Donnell made motion to recommend approval of the Kenney Agricultural Security Application into the Upper Frederick Township Agricultural Security Area.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Wampole and approved by all.



Ms. Tackett reported that meeting was held on March 21, 2016.  Items that were discussed:


            Land Stewardship Assessments – Multi Regional Plan that studies open space.  It is a grant    that the county obtained in conjunction with Natural Lands Trust.  Natural Lands Trust has      chosen some open space areas to study over the next two (2) years.  Ms. Tackett provided the    Commission with additional information.  Wayland Park has been chosen as a study area.      Study will begin in 2017.  Final report will contain different Best Management Practice           techniques that municipalities can choose from that would most benefit their open space     areas.


            Update on Upcoming Bridge Work/Traffic Mitigation – Update was provided regarding the       bridge work/traffic improvement projects underway.


County reported on a new grant program available to help implement the Montco 2040 Plan.  Upper Frederick could apply under the trail segment of the funding; something to look into in the future. 


Ms. Tackett expressed her thanks to Rob Keenan for attending the Tree Tenders seminar with her and for heading up the Tree Vitalize – Bare Root Tree planting.  Ms. Tackett provided additional information on the plantings.



Mr. Buckman informed that Mr. Keenan was recently appointed to the Planning Commission and welcomed Mr. Keenan aboard.


Mr. Ulrich suggested the use of local scouting troops looking for Eagle Projects to assist with tree plantings, trail cleanup and maintenance projects that the township may have especially with the new dog park project for Speelhoffer Park. 



Mr. Buckman inquired if there was any other business to bring before the Commission.  There was none. 





Mr. Wampole made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:31 PM.  Motion was seconded by Mr. O’Donnell and was approved by all.    


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