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Board of Supervisors Pre-Agenda
Thursday, August 04 2016


The August 2016 Preagenda Meeting, of the Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors, was called to order by the Chairman at 7:05 PM. 


Attending Were:  Scott Rakowski, Chairman; Ray Bortz, Vice-Chairman, William Tray, Supervisor;                      Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant



Approval of Minutes

Mr. Bortz made the motion to approve the June 2, 2016, Board of Supervisors Preagenda Meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray. 





Yost Road Project

Ms. Tallon informed the Board that the swales have been completed but not the road work.   While attending the Dirt and Gravel Road Class, Steve Heller was informed by Conservation District personnel that Upper Frederick may quality for a Grant for the type of repair that is required for Yost Road.  A representative from the Conservation District will be meeting with Steve on August 10, 2016 to determine if Upper Frederick Township qualifies for the Grant.  Road work has been scheduled for the week of August 15, 2016. 


Fisher Road Bridge Project

Ms. Tallon informed that New Hanover Township’s Public Works Director has recently been in contact with Steve Heller.  He was informed that the new interim Township Manager and the Board are aware of the situation.  Another meeting is being scheduled with the new interim Township Manager. 


Sweisford Road

Ms. Tallon informed that Steve Heller, Road Foreman, is researching cost information for the resurfacing/repair.  Lower Frederick Township Road Department will be on site with Steve to see if paving work can be done by Upper Frederick with Lower Frederick’s paver.  Lower Frederick is also assisting with putting down the blacktop for the new salt building.


PMRS Rescind Ordinance

Ms. O’Donnell, Township Treasurer, sent the Board approved Ordinance changes to the attorney for PMRS.  Hard copies of the Ordinance have been mailed to the Township.  Requested electronic version has been forward to Mr. Allebach for his review prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting on August 11, 2016. 


Lords & Ladies

Ms. Tallon stated that a letter was sent on July 26, 2016 by Mr. Allebach informing Lords & Ladies of their non-conformance with the approved plans and the letter serves as notice that the parking layout must be corrected within fifteen (15) days or a civil action penalty will be filed of up to $500 per day each day the parking lot layout is not corrected.  Attorney for Lords & Ladies contacted Mr. Allebach requesting the submission of a revised plan of the parking lot for approval.  This was agreeable. 



Dog Park

Ms. Tallon informed that a conference call, Start-Up Call, with DCNR, Chuck Strodoski (Landscape Architect), Tracey Tackett, Kevin Murray, and Township Manager is scheduled for Monday afternoon, August 8, 2016.  DCNR has requirements for the Grant monies.  Following the conference call, the Township can then move forward with the next step which is the design work.  Design is already in place with a few minor revisions.  A donation of $250 was received from the Goschenhoppen Historians for the pedestrian gate that was requested. 


Ivy Ridge I & I - Inspection for Sump Pumps

On going




Zoning Amendment

Ms. Tallon informed that the Zoning Ordinance Amendment is scheduled for public hearing and adoption at the September 8, 2016 Board of Supervisor meeting.


Agricultural Security Area Issue

Ms. Tallon provided copies of correspondence from Montgomery County Planning Commission and Mr. Allebach to the Board regarding property owners from Lower Frederick Township into Upper Frederick Township’s Agricultural Security Area.  Ms. Tallon briefly described the activity that preceded the Agricultural Security Area issue.  Mr. Allebach will present more information at the August 11, 2016, regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting.  Mr. Tallon requested Board authorization to return the escrow requested by the Township, for the most recent entry into the Agricultural Security Area of Upper Frederick Township.  Board authorized.


Park Board - On Your Park, Get Set, Go

Ms. Tallon informed the Board that the Parks and Recreation Board came in second place for the “On Your Park, Get Set, Go” contest winning a prize of $7,500.  There is also a possibility of an additional $1,000.  Ms. Tallon or Mr. Rakowski will be attending the sendoff meeting in Mr. Murray’s absence. 


Mr. Rakowski thanked the Parks and Recreation Board for a job well done.


Mr. Rakowski inquired if there were any additional items to bring before the Board.  There were none.





Mr. Rakowski made the motion and Mr. Tray seconded the motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:25 PM.


No Executive Session

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