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Tuesday, September 20 2016

Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2016


ATTENDING:   Kevin Murray, Chairman; Ed Goltz, Vice-Chairman; Desra Keenan; Steve Zimmerman; Jon Sell; Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


Meeting was brought to order by the Chairman at 7:10 PM.





Dog Park Construction

Moving forward.


Eagle Scout Projects -

  • Alex Longacre – Building kiosk at Speelhoffer Park – PA One Call was made for kiosk location; expected completion date is September 30, 20216.  Project must be completed by October 2, 2016.


  • Matthew Souder – Benches at Wayland Park – No contact from Scout Souder.



Community Day – September 24, 2016

Updated Participant and Activity List was reviewed:  participants, vendors and activities were confirmed; food/beverage requirements reviewed – purchases and pick-ups delegated; supplies confirmed; electrical needs were discussed; flyers distributed to the schools; advertising proficiently done by Desra; signs needed; scheduled tent set up Friday, September 23, 2016 at 5:30 pm; volunteers needed; and any last preparations were discussed. 





The next Parks Board meeting will be held on October 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM. 


The October 13, 2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting will be attended by Steve. 




Kevin motioned and Ed seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:33 pm.   Motion was approved by all. 

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