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Board of Supervisors Pre-Agenda
Thursday, September 01 2016


September 1, 2016



The September 2016 Preagenda Meeting, of the Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors, was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM. 


Attending Were:  Scott Rakowski, Chairman; William Tray, Supervisor; Jackie Tallon, Township Manager; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


IN ATTENDANCE:      Craig Smith, RGS Associates; Josh Seaman, Brubacher Excavating, Dwight                                     Romberger, Director of Plant Operations (representing Frederick Living); and,                                    Kevin Murray, Big Road



Approval of Minutes

Mr. Rakowski made the motion to approve the August 4, 2016, Board of Supervisors Preagenda Meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray. 





Frederick Living Top Soil Issue

Mr. Smith, RGS Associates, representing Frederick Living, was in attendance to discuss and resolve the removal of the excessive amount of top soil generated by the construction of new housing units for “The Meadows” at Frederick Living.  Mr. Rakowski stated that the Board was under the impression that the disbursement of a quantity of the top soil was resolved by moving it to Wayland Park. 


Mr. Smith presented a proposal for the removal of 50% of the excessive top soil, permitted by Ordinance, Section 219-3 – Standards for Grading, by a property owner within Upper Frederick Township along Gottshalk Road.  Board issue with proposal is that 50% of top soil is going to a commercial business that may have commercial gain by the selling of the top soil.  Ms. Tallon interjected that the Township had the top soil issue worked out with a Mr. Mike Marion from Wagman Construction and Mr. Ulrich of LTL Consultants in that an area was cleared at Wayland Park for the receipt of the top soil.  Mr. Smith stated that he was aware of the Wayland Park option; however, Josh Seaman, Brubacher Excavating, stated that the option was presented to Frederick Living and it was determined to be an enormous cost impact to haul that quantity of top soil to Wayland Park. 


Discussion continued without resolve.  Mr. Rakowski stated that the Board would have an answer for Mr. Smith next week at the regularly scheduled, September 8, 2016, Board of Supervisors meeting.


Mr. Smith and Mr. Romberger requested copies of the Ordinances pertaining to the removal and non-transporting of top soil outside of the Township.  


Mr. Smith, Mr. Seaman and Mr. Romberger thanked the Board and exited the meeting.







Ordinance No. 2016-06 – Amending Zoning Ordinance – Municipal Uses Hearing

Ms. Tallon informed that a hearing is scheduled next week at the regularly schedule, September 8, 2016, Board of Supervisors Meeting.  Hearing is scheduled for 7:30 PM as advertised.


Ordinance No. 2016-07 – Approve Municipal Pension Plan with PMRS

Approval of Ordinance is scheduled for the September 8, 2016 regularly schedule Board of Supervisors Meeting.


Agricultural Security Area Issue

Ms. Tallon informed that she has not heard from Lower Frederick Township.


Yost Road Project

Ms. Tallon informed that Yost Road qualifies for the Montgomery County Conservation Districts Low Impact Roads Grant.  Meeting was held at the Township with the Conservation District and Mr. Ulrich.  More information will be presented at the September 8, 2016, Board of Supervisors Meeting.  Conservation District recommendation was to repair Yost Road completely from 2817 Yost Road to 2777 Yost Road.  Grant will cover the cost of repair but not the overlay.  It was also recommended that Yost Road be repaved from Snyder Road to Sweisford Road. 


Fisher Road Bridge Project

Ms. Tallon informed that we are still waiting to schedule a meeting with New Hanover’s interim Township Manager. 


Sweisford Road

Ms. Tallon informed that Steve Heller, Road Foreman, is researching cost estimate for Sweisford Road repair. 


Lords & Ladies

Ms. Tallon informed that Lords and Ladies’ Engineer will be submitting a plan revision.  A new Land Development application will not be required; however, additional escrow will be required.


Dog Park

Ms. Tallon informed the conference call with DCNR was held and received authorization to start.  We are currently waiting to receive the final plan from the Landscape Architect. 


Ivy Ridge I & I - Inspection for Sump Pumps

On going


County Radios – Update

Ms. Tallon stated that the Department of Public Safety will begin releasing new radios purchased to the Police Department in August but Fire Companies can expect delivery in late fall.





2017 Budget Calendar

Copy of Budget Calendar was provided to the Board. 


Resolution No. 2016-11 – Approve 2016 Disposition of Records

Ms. Tallon informed that Resolution No. 2016-11 will be ready for adoption at the September 8, 2016, regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors Meeting.




2001 GMC Truck

Ms. Tallon stated that the 2001 Green Truck is rusted out and will not pass inspection.  Road Foreman submitted his wish list of truck purchases.  First priority is to replace the 2001 Green Truck with the F250 XLT.  Second, third and fourth preferences are for future purchases.  Board discussed possible purchases.  More information will be presented at the September 8, 2016, Board of Supervisors Meeting.


Docstar Annual Contract

Ms. Tallon informed that the annual service contract, which is due in January, for the system increased 10%.  If payment is received by October 1, 2016, a discount if offered and the Township can save $448.50 on the overall contract.  Use of the system was discussed.  Mr. Rakowski made the motion to approve the pre-payment of the Docstar Service Contract to take advantage of the discounted pricing.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray.


Assessment of Commercial & Industrial Areas

Ms. Tallon provided the Board with an overview of the Planning Commission meeting prompting the assessment of the uses in the Commercial and Industrial Areas within the Township.  Ms. Tallon wanted the Board to be aware in the event the Planning Commission recommends amending the Ordinance.   



Mr. Rakowski inquired if there were any additional items to bring before the Board.  There were none.





            Community Day, September 24, 2016 – 10:00 until 3:00

            UFFC Pig Roast – October 1, 2016





Mr. Tray made the motion and Mr. Rakowski seconded the motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:40 PM.



No Executive Session




Scott A. Rakowski, Chairman





William J. Tray, Supervisor

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