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Board of Supervisors Pre-Agenda
Thursday, October 06 2016

The October 2016 Preagenda Meeting, of the Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors, was called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM. 


Attending Were:  Scott Rakowski, Chairman; Ray Bortz, Vice-Chairman; William Tray, Supervisor; and Jackie Tallon, Township Manager


IN ATTENDANCE:  Steve Heller, Road Foreman; Dennis Bolognese, Fire Marshall; and, Peg                                              Bolognese



Approval of Minutes

Approval of the September 1, 2016, Board of Supervisors Preagenda Meeting minutes was moved to the October 13, 2016 regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting.   





2017 Budget Preparation

Mr. Rakowski inquired if scheduling was done for the various departments.  Ms. Tallon advised that a meeting with the Public Works Department was held on Thursday, September 29th; a meeting with the Code Enforcement/Zoning Office was held on October 6th; a meeting with Water & Sewer personnel is scheduled for October 13th prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting at 6:00; and, Ms. Tallon requested a meeting with the Board of Supervisors and Treasurer on October 20th or 27th.  Mr. Rakowski scheduled October 27, 2016 at 12:00.  Following the October 27th meeting, full review of the budget can be done at the November 3, 2016, Board of Supervisors pre-agenda meeting. 


Yost Road Project

Mr. Heller informed that Mr. Ulrich has prepared the Grant submission to the Montgomery County Conservation District for their November 1, 2016 meeting.  Project is moving forward.


Fisher Road Bridge Project

Mr. Heller informed that Fisher Road Bridge has been evaluated by the Montgomery County Conservation District.  Project is moving forward.  Suggestion was made to advise New Hanover Township that Fisher Road was approved by the County for the Dirt, Gravel and Low Impact Road Grant.  Ms. Tallon is still attempting to set a meeting with New Hanover Township.


Sweisford Road

Mr. Heller informed that Sweisford Road has been completed.  Ms. Tallon informed that the cost came in under budget.


Lords & Ladies

Ms. Tallon informed that Lords and Ladies’ revised plan has been submitted and will be review by the Planning Commission at their October 27, 2016 meeting. 





Dog Park

Ms. Tallon informed that the draft plan from the Architect is scheduled to be received the week of October 10th


Salt Shed

Mr. Heller informed that the paving is completed and wanted to thank Lower Frederick Township’s Road Department for coming out and assisting with Sweisford Road and the paving of the salt shed area.  Final layer of blocks need to be placed and then the siding and roof. 


Ivy Ridge I & I

On going





Truck Purchase

Mr. Heller presented his research findings and his recommendation for purchase.  Ms. Tallon informed that the purchase is through COSTARS and the price is $37,522.80 which includes the snow plow and a 4 year warranty.  Mr. Rakowski made motion to approve the purchase of the F350 – 2017 truck at a cost not to exceed $38,000.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray and approved by all.


Approve Fire Police at New Hanover Function

Ms. Tallon informed that the Upper Frederick Fire Police was requested to assist at the New Hanover Township Fire Prevention Open House, Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 6:00 to 9:00.  This event was not listed on the Township’s yearly activity approval list.  Mr. Rakowski made motion to approve the Township’s fire police to assist with the New Hanover Township Fire Prevention Open House on Thursday, October 13, 2016.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Tray and approved by all.


Mr. Bolognese inquired if the Board would like the assistance of the Fire Police at the Township building for the November 8, 2016 election.  The Board stated “yes” and thanked Mr. Bolognese for the suggestion.


Mr. Bolognese informed the Board that he received an update on the radios.  Issuing of the portable radios has been halted due to a malfunction with the new radios.  Radios already issued are being recalled. 


Mr. Bolognese also inquired as to the Fire Marshall position and if the Board wants to continue the position?  Board affirmed the position.   Mr. Bolognese stated that he would like to have some of the procedures revised.  Mr. Bolognese stated that the Fire Marshall is responsible for inspections of day cares and commercial properties.  Upon citing a violation, Mr. Bolognese requested that a form letter be sent out on Township letterhead from the Fire Marshall indicating the violation, timeframe for correction and contacting the Fire Marshall for re-inspection.  Other procedures were noted and discussed pertaining to Camp Laughing Waters, Frederick Living and future building plans.  The   Board authorized the use of Township letterhead for violation letters and agreed that the Fire Marshall should be provided with final plans for his/her review and approval.


Spotted Lantern Fly

Ms. Tallon informed that she was contacted by the Department of Agriculture regarding the spotting of this insect within the Township.  They would like to place signs within our parks advising of this insect and its potential for damage.  Board agreed.






Frederick Living Request

Ms. Tallon informed that the Township was contacted to obtain our support in approaching Penndot on asking the speed limit on Route 73 along the strip fronting Frederick Living, to be lowered.  Board agreed that lowering the speed limit would be beneficial.  The Board would support a 45 MPH limit.


Ms. Tallon also stated that Frederick Living inquired if the Township can do anything about the hill of the corner property at Heimbach Road and Route 73 which interferes with the site triangle coming onto Route 73.  Board stated that this is a property issue between the home owner and Frederick Living.  Ms. Tallon will advise Frederick Living.  


Website Upgrade

Ms. Tallon stated that the current website contract is with Catapult and has been for a number of years.  Upgrading of the website has been attempted with Catapult but with little success.  Other website developers have been researched.  Ms. Tallon present two quotes (Catapult and Civic Plus) and advised that she was obtaining a third quote.  Quotes will be presented at the budget meeting.


Veterans Day – November 11, 2016

Ms. Tallon inquired if the Board would like to have a small ceremony at the Roll of Honor on Veterans Day.  Under discussion.



Mr. Rakowski inquired if there were any additional items to bring before the Board.  There were none.





Mr. Rakowski made the motion and Mr. Tray seconded the motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:55 PM.



No Executive Session

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