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Tuesday, January 17 2017

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2017


ATTENDING:   Kevin Murray, Chairman; Ed Goltz, Vice-Chairman; Desra Keenan; Steve                           Zimmerman; Jon Sell; and, Lois Reitnour, Administrative Assistant


Meeting was brought to order by the Chairman at 7:00 PM.





Dog Park Construction

No current update.


Eagle Scout Project -

  • Matthew Souder – Benches at Wayland Park – Kevin was contacted by Matt Souder stating that he is still proceeding with the project of park benches for Wayland Park once the weather improves.  Kevin informed that plans must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Board for approval before any construction begins. 


Christmas Tree Pick-Up – January 7, 2017

Pick-up areas were Perkiomen Crossing, Ivy Ridge and Clover Lane.  Collected trees for 2017 were 52; less than last year.  More use of artificial trees could be the reason for less trees being collected.  Ornament, Baby’s First Christmas 2005, was left on a tree collected from Perkiomen Crossing.  Recommendation was to take photo of the ornament, place on Perkiomen Crossing HOA and township newsletter.  Ornament will be kept in the township’s vault.


Swamp Creek Stomp – 5K/10K Run – April 1, 2017

Items discussed:

  • Start time for the 10K run will begin at least 15 minutes earlier than the 5K start time. 
  • Mailings from Pretzel City would cost $650 plus at least 8,000 flyers would need to be provided.  Board thought cost was high.  Other means of advertising were discussed.
  • Discussed “app” available from Active allowing Board members to check on current registrations.
  • Purchase of a small generator for events.  Kevin will request purchase through the township.
  • Trail Clearing for new area – Kevin mapped out additional area for trail expansion; would add an additional 3 miles to current trail.  Sunday afternoons around 3:00, when feasible, for work days.
  • Selling of food (breakfast sandwiches).  Check with Moccia’s to see if they would be interested and what cost would be.  Steve will check. 
  • Kevin updated the registration form from last year.  Fee was discussed and fee will remain the same - $30 pre-registration; $35 registration day off run.  Pretzel City will need 500 copies of registration form; 100 copies for local distribution and office.
  • Sponsorship letters to go out the beginning of February 2017.
  • Letters to Colonial Road residents (and contact the Perkiomenville Post Office) notifying of road closure to be done two weeks prior to run. 
  • Kevin will contact Dennis Bolognese to request the assistance of the Fire Police and also Plymouth Community Ambulance.
  • Special Event Permit to be obtained.
  • Pretzel City to do E-mail blasts. 
  • Medals and Trophies – Steve reported on medals left:  32 children’s medals (replace plaque on back); Steve will check on new medal design to order for the 5K run; new ribbons for 2017; fill in gaps for medals for the 10K run; 4 overall trophies will be ordered.  Order through Bridgeport Trophies.


Sunrise Trail/Swamp Creek Greenway – Public Meeting – January 12, 2017

Kevin attended and reported on the January 12, 2017 public meeting.  Attendance was good; however, majority of residents were opposed to the trail.  Meeting was just to present the feasibility study – how the trail can be laid out and lessen any impact for residents whose property would come near the proposed trail.  Opposed residents were looking for restoration of the mill not a trail.  Kevin personally is in favor of the trail.  Next public meeting is March 30, 2017.


Plaque for Donated Weeping Cherry Tree – Wayland Park

Kevin to check with Jackie Tallon, Township Manager, as to status of plaque.





The next Parks Board meeting will be held on February 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM. 


The February 9, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting will be attended by Jon. 




Kevin motioned and Ed seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:33 pm.   Motion was approved by all. 

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