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General Information

Upper Frederick Township's Roads and Highway Department consists of four full-time employees. The Roads Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of approximately 14 miles of Township roads. In addition, the Township has a winter service agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to plow an additional 9 miles of state roads within the Township borders.

Removal of snow and ice, roadway patching, paving and surface treatments, storm drainage, signs, brush cutting and right-of-way maintenance are all the responsibility of the Township road crew. They also oversee outside contractors who perform ground maintenance at the Township Building, as well as contractors used to perform major paving projects.

Roads & Highways

There are always a number of important road and bridge enhancement projects in process in Upper Frederick Township.

To allow for efficient removal of snow, do not park on public roads. Parking on the roads makes plowing a tougher job, and it poses a safety hazard for other drivers. We ask residents not to shovel or plow snow into the roads. The State vehicle code prohibits this act and provides for penalties.

Please help us help you through these times.

Please be alert to postings on different township roads as we continually maintain and improve road conditions. Think Safety!!!!!

Should you have any suggestion or request regarding a township road, please feel free to contact the roads department.

Email the Roadmaster.

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